What Einstein Told His Barber

Reviews from readers and the press

Written in a humorous style, this book addresses such questions as “what really keeps and airplane up?” and “why do wet things look darker?” Wolke (chemistry, U. of Pittsburgh) provides simple explanations to complex phenomena like gravity and acoustics, as well as simple experiments to do at home that prove his points.
— Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

“Wolke is a glib and entertaining writer….This is the book for anyone who claims to be overwhelmed by the science of everyday things….It’s a fun read.”
— The San Diego Tribune

“Fascinating….Will provide hours of fun and knowledge for kids of any age (and we mean up to 90) and offer helpful tips and satisfy the curiosity of the average householder.”
— Baton Rouge Advocate

I’ll bet nobody ever fell asleep in Professor Wolke’s chemistry class! With his informal, humorous and chatty style, he truly makes science not only fun but also genuinely easy to understand for even the most scientifically challenged of us. His new book covers the whole universe–literally! Professor Wolke takes you on a vicarious trip to the bottom of our oceans, to the depths of outer space and to many familiar and unfamiliar places in between. On the way you will be amazed (the frigid tile floor and the cozy mat in your bathroom are the same temperature!), entertained (Why are oceans salty?), and educated (it is NOT more humid in the summer time because warm air holds more moisture). And just because this is a fun, “bedside” book, do not for an instant assume that it is somehow not serious or useful because it is both! Here you will learn some very practical applications of science. For example, how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, and vice versa, without complicated formulas; how to eliminate wrinkles from your clothing; how to instantly defog your car’s windshield and rear window! This is a book that you will be unable to put down (don’t worry–it’s not a long read), but one that you won’t have to since you’ll carry around its unforgettable lessons forever!”
— A reader from Amazon.com

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