Contents of What Einstein Kept Under His Hat

CHAPTER ONE: Something to Drink?
How does green tea differ from other teas?
Will coffee stay hotter if I put the cream in right away, or only when I’m ready to drink it?
What are alcohols?
What is a hop?
Why are there sulfites in wine?
Why do champagne corks have that funny shape?
What makes bourbon bourbon?
What’s the best way to cool a drink with ice without watering it down?
Is there a formula for telling when I’m getting danderously drunk?
How can I get a red wine stain out of a tablecloth?
…and more.

CHAPTER TWO: Down on the Farm
What ever happened to skim milk?
Why are there so many types of diary cream?
Does yogurt contain live bacteria?
Does eating ice cream in hot weather really cool one off?
Why does ice cream shrink when it melts?
Why does all cream cheese come from Philadelphia?
What makes American cheese American?
Why is strong cheese so stringy?
Would double-yolke eggs hatch twins?
What makes eggs rotten?
… and more.

CHAPTER THREE: Whatsoever a Man Soweth…
What makes the vivid colors in vegetables?
Why do green vegetables turn drab when cooked?
How should fruits and vegetables be washed?
Why do some potatoes have gray patches?
Is rhubarb poisonous?
How do vegetables get their minerals?
Why do onions really make me cry?
Why is my cucumber bitter?
What is miso made of?
Why do beans and other legumes produce gas?
…and more.

CHAPTER FOUR: Above the Fruited Plain
How can I speed up the ripening of fruits?
Why does a cut apple turn brown?
When a banana ripens and gets sweeter, does it contain more calories?
Why are some oils edible and others not?
Exactly what are trans fats?
Why do fats turn rancid?
What’s “extra” about extra-virgin olive oil?
What is a fatty acid?
Do all fruits float?
What’s the difference between apple juice and apple cider?
…and more.

CHAPTER FIVE: For Amber Waves of Grain
What are the different forms of carbohydrates?
What makes mashed potatoes gluey?
What is converted rice?
How does self-rising flour raise itself?
What kind of wheat is buckwheat?
How can I best match a pasta shape with a sauce?
Is the nutritional fiber destroyed when I liquefy fruit in a blender?
Which kinds of fiber contain calories and which don’t?
What is stevia?
Why mustn’t babies be fed honey?
…and more.

CHAPTER SIX: From Sea to Shining Sea
Why are wild and farm-raised salmon different colors?
Why do they treat tuna with carbon monoxide?
So they really make fake scallops by punching out skate wings?
How does lime juice “cook” ceviche?
What do I do with bottarga
What kind of mussels are there?
Are razor clams good to eat?
How do wet, dry, and diver scallops differ?
Why are shrimp different colors?
Why is shrimp scampi called that?
…and more.
…and more.

CHAPTER SEVEN: A Carnival for Carnivores
Is “mechanically separated meat” dangerous?
Why is my supermarket’s hamburger meat red on the outside and brown on the inside?
Does marinating work?
What is souse?
Why are there rainbows on my roast beef?
Why are hotdogs pink?
Are nitrites dangerous?
Exactly what is braising?
What’s the difference between browning and caramelizing?
Why are there so many precautions about making a stock?
…and more.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Spice is the Variety of Life
What’s essential about an essential oil?
What makes spices spicy?
Why is cooked garlic so different from raw garlic?
Is garlic powder an invention of the Devil?
Can garlic-infused oil be dangerous?
Should herbs be added near the beginning of cooking or near the end?
How much dried herb shall I use instead of fresh herb?
What is the average shelf life of an herb or spice?
How do they make liquid smoke?
Is wasabi real?
…and more.

Does a box of baking soda in the refrigerator kill odors?
Where should I keep my butter?
Why do foods spoil?
Do airport X-rays sterilize foods?
What’s killing my aluminum cookware?
Exactly what is an emulsion?
Is heat the ultimate form of energy?
Why do broilers give inconsistent results?
What is silicone?
Why do glass and metal baking pans require different baking times?
…and more.

CHAPTER TEN: A Few Lagniappes for the Insatiable Mind
What’s the difference between heat and temperature?
What’s the difference between melting and dissolving?
What is a “natural flavor”?
What are marshmallows made of?
Is carob a form of chocolate?
…and more.

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