Chemistry Explained

Whether you’re a struggling chemistry student or just wish you knew what a molecule is, CHEMISTRY EXPLAINED by Prof. Robert L. Wolke will demystify it all in plain, conversational language that’s actually fun to read. Yes, a fun chemistry book! Believe it.

Dr. Wolke, a multi-award-winning writer about science for the general public (Washington Post columnist, author of books published in more than 20 languages, etc., etc.) clearly explains all the basic chemistry that every citizen should know these days to read a newspaper intelligently. Exactly what is DNA? What is radioactivity? What pollutants are in our air and water? What are all those drugs, both medicinal and “recreational”?
CHEMISTRY EXPLAINED is a complete, 550-page introductory textbook with all the bells and whistles used in a real college course for liberal-arts students, a course that Prof. Wolke taught at the University of Pittsburgh.

Download CHEMISTRY EXPLAINED as a searchable PDF today for only $25.00. (Have you priced college textbooks lately?)

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